3D Printing Workshop
with UTAR

Age: 10-15 

Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced

Format: Face-to-Face

Duration: Once a week, 1.5 hours


Seamless learning methods with social learning concepts

Rewarding and hands-on learning experience

Instil Project-based learning mindset

Course Overview

Students will begin their journey into 3D printing by learning the fundamentals of using the software and 3D printer in this course. During their sessions, students will participate in teacher-led classes, lively discussions, and fascinating individual project work.

Course Outline

Module 1: Discover how scientists think, how to make colorful lights, and how the sun can help us tell time.
Module 2: Discover how 3D films generate stereoscopic images, how sound is generated, and how we know the earth is moving.
Module 3: Learn how seeds help plants grow, how a bird’s anatomy helps it fly, and how our bodies move.
Module 4: Discover how a submarine floats and sinks, how clownfish coexist with poisonous anemones, and how black and white fur helps pandas survive.
Module 5: Learn how to construct a bridge that can carry large trucks, how to construct bridges between mountains, and how to construct a bridge over the ocean.
Presentation & Summary
Module 1: Learn how hats are designed and made from various materials, how to make a DIY thermometer, and how to tell if black is made up of other colors.
Module 2: Learn how to tell if an object is alive, how flowers cause plants to reproduce, and how animals assist plants in pollination.
Module 3: Learn how plants spread seeds, how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly, and how we know the earth is structured in circular layers.
Module 4: Learn how volcanoes erupt, rivers form, and pebbles and sand are formed.
Module 5: Learn how the Dead Sea causes us to float (buoyancy force), how to make a rainbow cocktail (buoyancy force & density), and how meteorologists predict the weather.
Presentation & Summary
Module 1: Discover how the yellow line at the train station keeps us safe, how purifiers cleanse the air, and how we can fly upwards and defy gravity.
Module 2: Learn how to make paper airplanes that can fly higher and farther, how temperature affects the air (the volume of air expands when hot and contracts when cold), and how to find and collect underground water.
Module 3: Learn how a house can be designed to withstand flooding, why the Leaning Tower of Pisa hasn’t collapsed, and how planets move in space.
Module 4: Learn how to distinguish between animals and plants, how muscles help people jump and move, and how the lungs keep people alive. 
Module 5: Learn how fossils form, how fossil fuel is extracted from the ground, and how carbon affects our lives.
Presentation & Summary

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