We provide an interesting learning program for children to learn programming and develop their skills in solving problems and thinking critically with an emphasis on Islamic values ​​and knowledge through sessions conducted by experienced instructors.


iTrainKids Islamic

Through the courses offered by iTrainKids Islamic, we help children to understand and apply Islamic practices through projects designed with Islamic elements. Among them is delving into the inspirational story of the Prophet, encouraging children to practice good deeds and be generous in line with Islamic values ​​through the daily Charity Challenge, as well as promoting logical thinking, problem solving, and understanding the importance of the Qibla, all through a construction project using Scratch, MIT App Inventor, Minecraft Education and more!

A smooth learning method

Content built on research

A rewarding learning experience

Increase academic success


We believe that concepts need to be shown to children, not just talked about. With small class sizes, hands-on activities, and an experiential learning approach, kids can stay engaged and learn faster!



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How do we prepare the mind of the future? We create a mind-stimulating atmosphere focused on delivering programs in a fully interactive, intellectual, and practical environment, to make the learning process more interesting for the younger generation.

Our Teaching Method

Our instructors have expertise in formulating and setting objectives, while fostering a goal-oriented mindset and creating truly practical experiences.

Our Coding Journey

We provide a wide selection of courses that result in projects such as Mosque Development through Minecraft, Arabic Translation Applications and Quranic Verses Websites as well as 3D Modeling and Robotics.

Our Courses

Scratch Game Development

12 Weeks Of Learning And Projects

Course Outline

Minecraft Game Development

12 Weeks Of Learning And Projects

Course Outline

MIT App Inventor App Development

12 Weeks Of Learning And Projects

Course Outline

Website Development

12 Weeks Of Learning And Projects

Course Outline

Testimonials from our 'Star Coders' and their parents

Do not believe? Come read testimonials from these amazing 'Star Coders' & their parents about the iTrainKids program.

This is really important knowledge for future generations. I wish I had access to iTrainKids courses growing up!

Abu Huraira


iTrainKids knows how to make coding fun for kids. My 10 year old son went to 2 classes with them and he really enjoyed it!

Eliza Noordin


I learned how to code my own Sprites, change their colors and create my own games. It's so much fun!

Arianna Emily

iTrainKids Coder

It's great to see my 2 boys learn programming at such a young age and it's been a good learning curve for them.

Max Ng


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From coding apps and websites to developing exciting games and creating fun experiments, iTrainKids offers the most creative hands-on ways for children to learn all about science and technology

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