We provide a fun way to learn programming and develop problem-solving & critical thinking skills through instructor-led sessions. 

Proven Track

iTrainkids Islamic has a proven track record in delivering high-quality Islamic education for children. With engaging content, a comprehensive curriculum, and a focus on character development, they have earned the trust and appreciation of parents and students.

Comprehensive Support

our comprehensive support ensures that children receive the assistance they need to thrive in their Islamic education journey. We are dedicated to their success and work tirelessly to provide a nurturing and supportive environment for their growth.


iTrainKids Islamic empowers children with a well-rounded education, cultivating future-proof skills such as critical thinking, digital literacy, communication, collaboration, adaptability, cultural awareness, and leadership. We prepare children to thrive in a changing world and become confident, capable individuals.

Our Courses

Game Development Scratch

8 weeks if teaching computational concepts

Course Outline

Game Development Minecraft

8 weeks if teaching computational concepts

Course Outline

App Development MIT App Inventor

8 weeks if teaching computational concepts

Course Outline

Hear from our star coders & their parents

Don't trust our word? Hear from these awesome coders & their parents how they feel about the iTrainKids courses

This is truly essential knowledge for our next generation. I wish I had access to iTrainKids courses growing up!

Abu Huraira


iTrainKids knows how to make coding exciting for children. My 10 year old son went for 2 classes with them and he really enjoyed it!

Eliza Noordin


I learnt how to code my own sprites, change their colours and create my own game. It was really fun!

Arianna Emily

iTrainKids coder

It was nice to see my 2 boys learning programming at a young age and it was a good learning curve for them.

Max Ng


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Invest in the best for your child and empower our future generation with skills of tomorrow. 

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From coding apps and websites to developing exciting games and creating fun experiments, iTrainKids offers the most creative hands-on ways for children to learn all about science and technology

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