Age: 6-12

Skill Level: Beginner–Intermediate

Format: Virtual | Face-to-Face

Duration: Once a week, 1.5 hours 


Seamless learning methods with social learning concepts

Rewarding and hands-on learning experience

Instil Project-based learning mindset

Course Overview

Scratch is a visual programming language created by the MIT Media Lab in 2007. Its drag-and-drop interface with colorful blocks makes it one of the most intuitive programming languages to learn.

Scratch has a huge online community where kids can create their own interactive stories, games and animations and share with people all over the world. It provides kids their very first introduction to the exciting world of coding, learning how things work, basic computer logic all by using drag and drop blocks feature. As children create with Scratch, they learn to think creatively, work collaboratively, and reason systematically.

Tools: MIT Scratch Programming Web Application. No prior downloading of software required.


Course Outline


In this course, students will begin their journey into computer programming with the interactive drag-and-drop coding blocks. During our sessions, students will engage in instructor-led lessons, collaborative discussions, and independent project work and successfully create their own game in Scratch.

RM 90 After Discount: RM19.90

1Hour : Galaxy Adventure

1Hour : Hangman

Week 1:
Learn how to create your Scratch account and get an overview of Scratch blocks

Week 2 & 3:
Learn about Motion Drawing: Using Motion Commands, The Power of Repeat, and work on your first scratch project: Get the Money

Week 4:
Learn how to clone spirits and the looks and sound palette for your project

Week 5 & 6
Work on a new project: Dancing on stage, Fireworks, and overview of message broadcasting and receiving 

Week 7 & 8:
Learn in-depth about Message Broadcasting and Receiving and Create Large Programs in Small Steps

Week 9:
Learn how to work with procedures

Week 10 & 11: Work on your part with the help of our instructor: The Great Escape – Avatar

Week 12:
Get introduced to Data Types in Scratcfromand brief Inta introduction to Variables

RM 1080 After 10% Discount: RM972


Week 13 & 14:

Introduction to variables and Rainbow Lines in Space: The Complete Program, Turbo Mode, Version 2.0: Rainbow Triangles

Week 15 & 16:
Work on your project: The Great Escape – Return of the Jedi Part 1 and 2

Week 17 & 18:
Work on the pr
oject: Maze Runner and Sketch Out the Design to Complete the Program and Use Variable Monitors in Applications 

Week 19:
Learn how to make decisions using Comparison Operators and Decision Structures

Week 20:
More on decision structures and logical operators and work on exciting Scratch Projects: Guess My Coordinates, Triangle Classification Game

Week 21 & 22:
Repetition: A deeper exploration of loops, more loop blocks in scratch
, stop commands and cou,nters.

Week 23 & 24: Final Project: The Great Escape – The Empire Strikes

RM 2160 After 20% Discount: RM1728



  • Week 25:
    Learn about Responsive Web Design; what is it? what are the breaking points, and how do you test them?
  • Week 26:

    We’ll look at some CSS3 properties for producing animated interactive effects.

  • Week 27:
    Understand clearing out browser styles with a CSS reset, using images in place of text, and reducing the number of server requests with CSS sprites.
  • Week 28:
    Learn about some of the modern web development tools used by web developers to make their work easier and their code more robust
  • Week 29:

    Understand the ABC of Programming –What is a Script and How Do I Create One? How Do Computers Fit In with the World Around Them? How Do I Write a Script For a Web Page?

  • Week 30:

    Start learning to read and write JavaScript. You will also learn how to give web browser instructions you want it to follow.

  • Week 31 & 32:

    Browsers require very detailed instructions about what we want them to do. Therefore, you will be given an in-depth understanding of using functions, methods, and objects to organize their code.

  • Week 33: Learn how to create and control the flow of data in your scripts to handle different situations.
  • Week 34: Learn about Document Object Model (DOM) Tree, Working with the DOM Tree, and Accessing Elements
  • Week 35: Learn about Document Object Model (DOM) Tree, Working with the DOM Tree, and Accessing Elements
  • Week 36: Final presentation by the student.

RM 3240 After 30% Discount: RM2268

What will kids gain from this course?

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