In iTrainKids, we aspire to build a playground for our future technopreneurs


In iTrainKids, we aspire to build a playground for our future technopreneurs

Why Itrainkids?

We Prepare the minds of the future

How? Our encouraging environment is about delivering a truly interactive, intellectual and hands-on environment designed programs with the goal to make learning exciting for young learners.

Our Teaching Methods

Our educators are experts in setting objectives, while nurturing a goal-oriented mindset and creating a truly hands-on experience.

Our Coding Journey

We provide a wide selection ranging from Game, App and Web Development and Digital Literacy courses.  Kids can plan their levels based on their capabilities. 

How a School benefits from iTrainKids program?

With a growing awareness of the importance of digital literacy as well as the pedagogy of learning with hands-on experience, schools that partner with us can benefit in various ways:

extra-curricular participation

Has increased participation in the classroom among students

Discovery to the digital world

Increasing the students’ learning scope to have included digital literacy and coding

brain Development

Improving students’ problem-solving and computational thinking abilities by allowing them to apply their skills and knowledge in the iTrainKids training course

Parental engagement

Expanding parental involvement by giving parents an efficient way to engage in their children ’s learning and development through iTrainKids programs

Why it’s easy to work with iTrainKids
for ECA/CCA sessions?

Teachers at iTrainKids are professionals who received extensive training to ensure they are ready to educate school student

Our program is optimally powered by easy-to-use systems which make it easy for teachers to access & deliver our content.

Our program incorporates in-class & out-of-class tools which increase students’ engagement without added effort from teachers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure what you’re signing up for? Browse through our list of commonly asked questions to find your answers!

Yes, schools are encouraged to host their event at their own preferred setting. Consult us to find out more.

Yes. The age range stated is purely for recommendation. If your students is interested in something out of their age range, consult us to find out the best option.

For classes conducted at our centres, laptops will be provided, however you are free to use your own if preferred. For online learning, do prepare your own laptop or computer with a working internet connection.

That’s great! You can get in touch with our representative at:

+6013-231 7087 or do drop us an email at

The payment plan varies according to the kind of courses and the number of days in the prescribed programme. The terms of payment are determined by the collaboration agreement. Parents can make payments directly to iTrainKids or to the school, and iTrainKids will issue a proper invoice back.

Hear from our star coders & their parents

Don't trust our word? Hear from these awesome coders & their parents how they feel about the iTrainKids courses

This is truly essential knowledge for our next generation. I wish I had access to iTrainKids courses growing up!

Abu Huraira


iTrainKids knows how to make coding exciting for children. My 10 year old son went for 2 classes with them and he really enjoyed it!

Eliza Noordin


I learnt how to code my own sprites, change their colours and create my own game. It was really fun!

Arianna Emily

iTrainKids coder

It was nice to see my 2 boys learning programming at a young age and it was a good learning curve for them.

Max Ng


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Invest in the best for your child and empower our future generation with skills of tomorrow. 

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Drop your enquiry

Our Representative will reach out to you within 48 hours. Alternatively, you can also whatsapp us at 017-870 5113.

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From coding apps and websites to developing exciting games and creating fun experiments, iTrainKids offers the most creative hands-on ways for children to learn all about science and technology

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