Upper Primary & Secondary School

3D Printing

Project Idea: “”Cleaning Tool Designs”

In this project, upper primary and secondary school students will participate in a creative
challenge to design and 3D print their innovative cleaning tools. This project introduces students to the concept of unnecessary inventions, encouraging them to think creatively and design fun yet impractical solutions to common cleaning tasks. Students can choose any cleaning tool they wish to reimagine, adding their unique touch and humor to the design.

Key Features:


Tool Design:

Students will design the elements of their chosen cleaning tool, considering different functionalities and aesthetics.

Tool Structure:

The 3D-printed tool will feature compartments or attachments as needed, ensuring it is both visually appealing and conceptually innovative.



Decorative Elements:

Students can incorporate decorative elements, patterns, or humorous touches to enhance the creativity of their design.

Stability and Durability:

Despite its impractical nature, students will focus on designing a structurally sound and durable cleaning tool.



  • Stimulates Creative Thinking
  • Enhances Design and Fabrication Skills
  • Develops Presentation Skills
  • Encourages Humor and Innovation in Design

Method of delivery:

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