Upper Primary School

Robotic Competition

Project Idea: “AI-Powered Line Following Robot”

The project involves designing and building an AI-powered robot capable of following a black line. Upper primary school students will work collaboratively to create, program, and test their robots in a fun and educational environment.

Key Features:


Robot Design and Construction:

Students will design and build their line-following robots using readily available materials such as cardboard, motors, wheels, and sensors. They will work in teams to assemble the robot chassis and mount the necessary components

Sensor Integration:

Students will integrate infrared sensors or color sensors into their robots to detect the black line on the surface. They will learn how to wire the sensors to the microcontroller board and calibrate them for optimal performance.



Programming the Robot:

Using block-based programming platforms like Scratch or Blockly, students will write code to instruct their robots to follow the black line. They will learn about basic programming concepts such as loops, conditional statements, and sensor
input processing.

Testing and Iteration:

Students will test their robots on a predefined track with a black line, observing how well they follow the path. They will collect data on their robots’ performance and make adjustments to their designs and code as needed to improve accuracy and reliability.


Learning Objectives:

STEM Concepts:

Students will learn about robotics, electronics, and programming
concepts such as sensors, motors, circuits, and algorithms.

Problem-Solving Skills:

Students will develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills as they troubleshoot issues with their robots and iterate on their designs and code


Working in teams, students will collaborate effectively, share ideas, and
contribute to the design and construction of their line-following robots.

Creativity and Innovation:

Students will exercise creativity and innovation by designing unique robot configurations and exploring different strategies for line following

Method of delivery:

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