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CodeLympics is an annual coding competition aimed at nurturing the talents of students from primary to secondary levels across Malaysia

It serves as a platform for students to showcase their coding skills and innovative ideas in various categories. 

With the growing importance of digital skills and technology in today’s world, CodeLympics provides a conducive environment for students to enhance their problem-solving abilities and creativity.


The primary objective of CodeLympics is to equip young talent with essential digital skills and inspire innovation for tomorrow’s challenges. By participating in the competition, students will have the opportunity to:

Apply their coding skills to solve real-world problems

Enhance their critical thinking and problem-solving abilities

Collaborate with peers and mentors to develop innovative solutions

Gain acknowledgment for their accomplishments in the realm of technology and innovation

Participate in relevant international competitions on a global scale


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CodeLympics Rubrics


Secondary School

Website Design

Project Idea: “Cybersecurity Tips Website”

The project involves creating a simple website focused on providing essential cybersecurity tips and advice for secondary school students. The website should be designed using HTML and CSS, prioritizing simplicity and ease of use. The goal is to educate students about basic cybersecurity practices and help them stay safe online.

Primary School

App Inventor Competition

Project Idea: “Language Explorer”

The project involves creating a language learning tool using MIT App Inventor, designed to help primary school students learn new words and phrases in different languages through interactive activities such as flashcards, quizzes, and pronunciation exercises. The “Language Explorer” app aims to make language learning engaging and accessible for young learners.

Upper Primary School

Robotic Competition

Project Idea: “AI-Powered Line Following Robot”

The project involves designing and building an AI-powered robot capable of following a black line. Upper primary school students will work collaboratively to create, program, and test their robots in a fun and educational environment.

Upper Primary & Secondary School

3D Printing

Unnecessary Invention Competition

3D Printing Project: “Cleaning Tool Designs”

In this project, upper primary and secondary school students will participate in a creative challenge to design and 3D print their innovative cleaning tools. This project introduces students to the concept of unnecessary inventions, encouraging them to think creatively and design fun yet impractical solutions to common cleaning tasks. Students can choose any cleaning tool they wish to reimagine, adding their unique touch and humor to the design.



  • USD600
  • Medal
  • Trophy
  • Certificate of Achievement
  • Represent country for International Competition


  • USD 200
  • Medal
  • Trophy
  • Certificate of Achievement
  • Represent country for International Competition
  • USD300
  • Medal
  • Trophy
  • Certificate of Achievement
  • USD100
  • Medal
  • Trophy
  • Certificate of Achievement
  • USD200
  • Medal
  • Trophy
  • Certificate of Achievement
  • USD50
  • Medal
  • Trophy
  • Certificate of Achievement


  • Medal
  • Certificate of Achievement
  • Medal
  • Certificate of Achievement


Teacher / School


  • Community of digital educator
  • Certificate of appreciation 
  • Plaque for the school winning team

Participation Guidelines


iTrainKids will launch an official website soon, where participants can find registration details, resources, and guidelines for each competition


Registration for CodeLympics will be open to all students from primary to secondary levels


Participants can compete individually or form teams consisting of 2-3 members.


Mentors or teachers may optionally guide participants in their projects.


All participants of the qualifying entries will be awarded a Certificate of Participation.

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3D Printing

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