Secondary School

Website Design

Project Idea: “Cybersecurity Tips Website”

The project involves creating a simple website focused on providing essential
cybersecurity tips and advice for secondary school students. The website should be designed using HTML and CSS, prioritizing simplicity and ease of use. The goal is to educate students about basic cybersecurity practices and help them stay safe online.

Key Features:



Design a clean and straightforward homepage introducing the purpose of the website with a welcoming message and a brief overview of the content

Cybersecurity Tips:

Create separate pages or sections for different cybersecurity topics such as password security, social media safety, avoiding phishing scams, etc. Each section should contain concise and easy-to-understand tips presented in bullet points or simple paragraphs



Resource Links:

Provide links to trusted external resources where students can find more information about cybersecurity, such as educational websites, articles, or videos

Contact Form:

 Include a basic contact form where users can submit questions or feedback about the website or cybersecurity topics. Keep the form fields minimal to encourage participation. paragraphs


Evaluation Criteria:

Eye Catching

Clarity and Simplicity of Design (e.g., easy navigation, clean layout)


Relevance and Accessibility of Cybersecurity Tips


Engagement and Interactivity (e.g., effectiveness of quizzes, user interaction)


Overall User Experience and Usability

Method of delivery:

HTML, and CSS File


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