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Holiday Bootcamp

Creative Coders seeks to expose pre-school children to basic coding concepts with Scratch.

There are 12 themes where students get to brainstorm and create their very own storyline and characters. These stories will be brought to life through Scratch using sequencing and loops through a drag and drop coding interface.

Courses Available

Founded by key players in Asia’s digital skills training industry, iTrainKids puts forward the most essential skills for the next generation to be equipped with, through it’s continually updated pedagogy.

We designed our interactive learning sessions that focuses on empowering young minds with skills for the future. We teach our learners to create solutions that impact the world they live in, using coding and STEAM techniques as a foundation.

Students will begin their journey into 3D printing by learning the fundamentals of using the software and 3D printer in this course

Minecraft coding course lets your kids learn to code and grasp the basics of programming in a fun, game-like environment

Scratch is a visual programming language created by the MIT Media Lab in 2007. Its drag-and-drop interface with colorful blocks makes it one of the most intuitive programming languages to learn.

In this course, students will begin their journey into computer programming using App Inventor for Android

Students will begin their journey into web development by learning the fundamentals of HTML, CSS, and Python in this course.

Students will begin their journey into Robotics by learning the fundamentals of using the software in this course

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From coding apps and websites to developing exciting games and creating fun experiments, iTrainKids offers the most creative hands-on ways for children to learn all about science and technology

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