Age: 6-12

Skill Level: Beginner–Intermediate

Format: Virtual | Face-to-Face

Duration: Once a week, 1.5 hours 


Seamless learning methods with social learning concepts

Rewarding and hands-on learning experience

Instil Project-based learning mindset

Course Overview

During this course, students will get hands-on experience building interesting Android applications. The course is appropriate for students with any level of computer knowledge and does not require prior programming experience. It’s a block-based programming tool that allows anyone to get started programming and create fully functional Android apps, even total beginners. Students are encouraged to use their own Android cellphones for hands-on testing.


Tools: MIT App Inventor Web Application. No prior downloading of software required.


Course Outline


In this course, students will begin their journey into computer programming using App Inventor for Android. During our sessions, students will engage in instructor-led lessons, collaborative discussions, and exciting independent project work.

RM 90 After Discount: RM19.90

1Hour : Space Invaders

1Hour : Get the Gold

Week 1 :
Learn about App Inventor’s history and how to install and utilize the application.

Week 2 :
Get to Know The “Ewe Scared Her!” Application: Learn to design a user interface

Week 3 :
TalkToMe: Improve your UI Design skills by giving commands to the app to perform specific actions.

Week 4 :
Learn how to plan, layout, and program an application with App Inventor.

Week 5 :
Practice Makes Perfect: Build, decompose, layout, and program an event-driven programming system.

Week 6  :
Work on exciting projects like building a simple calculator using App Inventor

Week 7 & 8 :
Build new Painting App projects to brush up on your knowledge from the past weeks

Week 9 : 
BallBounce: Learn how to develop a simple functional game application

DigitalDoodle: Learn to develop a drawing application


Week 10 :
Spooky Sound FX: Learn to use the layout and canvas components using the screen to create a Graffiti Artist application


Week 11 :
Fling It:
Learn to fling, touch, and drag motion using user interaction with the touch screen


Week 12 :
Prankster Flattery:
Learn to know and remember and choose variables, decisions, and procedures for certain actions

RM 1080 After 10% Discount: RM972


Week 13 :
Dice Roll & Guess What I am Thinking:
Implementation of variables, decisions, and procedures


Week 14 :
Project: Lists and loops: Create your list picker


Week 15 :
Project: Graffiti Artist 2


Week 16 :
Project Fruit Loot: Create a simple animated game
with the challenges presented.

Week 17 :
Multiplication Station:
Making decisions with code (Part 1)

Week 18 : 
Multiplication Station:
Making decisions with code (Part 2) – Testing the App

Week 19 :
Learn to build a multiplication table generator application

Week 20 :
Beeper & Where Are Ewe Hiding? : Learn to use timers

Week 21 :
Beat the Bus: Tracking locations with maps and sensors

Week 22 & 23 :
Project: Tic Tac Toe – To utilise Loops to create a game

To build, decompose, lay out and program Tic Tac Toe using Loops

Week 24 :
Project: Multiplication Station II – Reusing Code with Procedures

RM 2160 After 20% Discount: RM1728


Week 25-28 :
Work on 6 exciting app projects like splat the rat app, b
allybally app, cheeky hamster app, creepy spider app, compass app, hungry spider app

Week 29 & 30 : 
Build the tic tac toe game app using loops and test and deploy the app

Week 31 :
Building, decomposing and programming ‘Multiplication Station II’ app

Week 32 & 33 :
Programming ‘Virtual Shades’ app in the block editor

Week 34 & 35 :
Learn how to
Create Apps with Multiple Screens and sharing data via TinyDB

Week 36 :
Students will present their final presentation. 

RM 3240 After 30% Discount: RM2268

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